Where do you do normally do the photo sessions?

If the client does not have a location in mind, that's not a problem. I take time with reading over the questionnaire and asking questions to get an idea of the look and style you want. I like to base it off of your attire, hobbies, things of interest, etc. Not everyone wants to be in the woods taking images in tuxedo or elegant gown. It's what you want and I'll scope out some areas to get your thoughts.

Due to COVID, I am no longer offering in-home sessions.

What happens if the weather prohibits the session?

Two weeks leading up to your session, I keep a close eye on the weather. We all know how the SC weather can be very unpredictable. If we see that the weather will prohibit the session, we can see what options are available for using an indoor location since I don't have a studio. Your deposit will be applied to the next scheduled date and your balance will be due that same day as well.

What are your hours of operation? What time of day are the best to do a photo session?

I photograph through out the weekdays upon special request, from 2:30pm until sunset. I'm available on Friday evenings and weekends from 7:30a-until sunset. Because I'm a light chaser and natural light photographer, taking photos during the Golden Hour (which is an hour after sunrise or before sunset) is the most ideal time to do a photo session. This makes for balance lighting on my clients.

If the Golden Hour doesn't work, I like to do what is most convenient for my clients (especially the little ones).

How and when does clients receive images?

Images will be delivered via an online gallery only. Once I go through the images, I'll share them with my clients for choosing of their most favorites. Print packages are available for an additional charge.

Turnaround time is 7 to 10 days to receive images, after client has selected their favorite images.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

Please contact me ASAP if additional time is needed for your session. Extending the time of your session is contingent upon other scheduled sessions to follow. If I'm able to extend your session, you will incur an additional cost of $72.50/30 minutes.

What should I bring to the photo session?

I highly encouraged my clients to bring any props they would love to incorporate based on their interest, theme or even what makes your child comfortable (loveys, toys, SNACKS, etc). Please keep me posted on props you would like to incorporate.

What are some things I can do to prepare for my photo session?

Coordinate attire in advance. Be mindful to wear clothing that you're comfortable in- that's not too tight. It's easy to pin up clothing. I want you to look your best and as comfortable as you feel. If you need some assistance on color scheme, outfit ideas, reach out to me earlier in advance.

Get a great night sleep. Pack any extra items like clothing, snacks, water, props etc. the night before. Less to think about for the day of; it will be smooth sailing from there.

Hydrate, especially if this is an summer day session.

Have well manicured nails. If nail polish, please make sure of no chipping- believe it or not, this is very noticeable during post editing.

Make sure your wardrobe is ironed and close to being as wrinkle free as possible. This is ESPECIALLY for all of those graduating seniors. Carefully iron your gown and ribbon sash.

Do you offer a rewards program?

Yes, I do offer a rewards program ✨ You will receive 1 point for every $1 spent. You can accumulate points from any of my services as well as referring other clients.

Activity / Points /Discount Received
$500 Purchase /500 points /$15.00
$1,000 Purchase /1,000 points /$40.00
$1,500 Purchase /1,500 points /$60.00
$2,000 Purchase /2,000 points /$75.00
$3,000 Purchase /3,000 points /$90.00
$4,000 Purchase /4,000 points /$110.00
$5,000 Purchase /5,000 points /$130.00
$7,000 Purchase /7,000 points /$160.00
$8,000 Purchase /8,000 points /$190.00
$9,000 Purchase /9,000 points /$220.00
$10,000 Purchase /10,000 points /$260.00
Referral 100 points